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Looking for the best gardening service in Gold Coast?

At CCR Property Maintenance we can help you with all your commercial gardening requirements. Taking all the hassle and hard work out of maintaining a beautiful clean garden. Here at CCR Property Maintenance, we specialize in Garden care and lawn mowing, so you can rest assured that your garden will be a focal point of your property.

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Lawn Mowing in the gold coast

Do you have an overgrown lawn that needs mowing?

You’re fed up of seeing overgrown grass and not having the time to mow it, or you just don’t want to be spending your weekends working in your garden. At CCR Property Maintenance we understand the frustration and would like to help. Lawn mowing can be a lot more complexed than what meets the eye, in many cases at CCR Property Maintenance lawn mowing also include weeding, fertilizing, trimming, weed spraying and even lawn laying. With our affordable lawn mowing services, we can take all that overgrown grass frustration away in a matter of hours leaving you with free weekends and a beautiful view.

What is gardening?

Do you need gardening services?

There are many aspects that go into gardening that you need to take into account, for example, a lawn to maintain, leaves and rubbish to be removed, plants to water, weeding and some pest control. This can all be very tiring and simply quite daunting to think about, nevertheless at CCR Property Maintenance we understand what, how and when things need to be done. Furthermore, as our professional gold coast gardeners transform your garden, you now have time to focus on other things, leaving the worry of the garden with us.

What are the main types of gardening services?

There are many deferent gardening services whether your garden is big or small. Don’t wait until your garden has grown out of control to call us at CCR Property Maintenance, be one step ahead of your garden and keep it looking perfect.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing services provide you with an effort-free lawn leaving you with great satisfaction. CCR Property Maintenance uses top quality sharp equipment, of course, leaving you with a healthy clean lawn.


There are a variety of different weeds that appear in our gardens over different seasons that can lead to the garden not looking so nice. At CCR Property maintenance we take into account that you don’t just want the weeds taken away, you would like them gone for good. Nevertheless, we strive to kill off those weeds for good, to do so we don’t just take out any unwanted weeds we go deeper into the health of your back or front garden reducing the chances of more weeds in the future.


At CCR Property Maintenance we understand that getting your Lawn to grow sometimes can be a struggle. Anyhow, our professional methods are to help with just that. Not just improving the appearance of your lawn but enhancing its ability to fight diseases and insects.

Planting New Plants

Most plants are delicate and need to be taken care of to survive. At CCR Property Maintenance we understand each plant and what care it needs, using the correct gloves and finding the right surrounding we can make your garden glow with your choice of plants. Nevertheless taking into account that different seasons make an impact on the growth of certain plants. In some cases, you may have a rooftop garden full of plants that need taking care of or just planting, we can make that happen to leave you satisfied with your new floral garden.

Tree Removal

There are different services that go into tree removal, for example, stump removal. Stump removal is normally done after the tree is cut down but in some cases, people may just have a stump in there garden left that needs to be removed. Stump Grinding, stump grinding can prevent weeds and improve soil health. Log splitting, some people like to have logs for there fire which out log splitting service can do this for you. Cutting down a tree can be a big job and here at CCR property Maintenance, we understand the importance of keeping your garden clean after the job is done, making sure no excess is left anywhere. Providing you with our top quality professional tree removal service in the gold coast.

General garden Tidy-Up

Maintaining a tidy garden can be a tough job and an all year round responsibility. Depending on the size of your garden and what time of year it is will affect how often your garden needs attention. Never the less general garden work needs to be done at least once a month. At CCR Property Maintenance we can take care of all your general garden needs, that’s watering, collecting leaves, mulching, minor landscaping and much more. Take the responsibility out of your own hands and put it in CCR Property Maintenance, we will not let you down.

How often should you mow your lawn

Are you letting your lawn overgrow?

We recommend mowing the lawn at least once a week in the summer and every other week in the winter. We also know how time-consuming this may be for you, and we understand you don’t want to be doing this in your spare time. CCR Property Maintenance makes sure that our services are affordable enabling you to have a healthy good looking lawn each week.

What makes the “best gardening service” the best?

An excellent gardening service needs to be 100% professional, have good attention to detail, be prompt, efficient, reliable and affordable.  Taking good care of each individual client’s needs. Whether the job is big or small it needs to be done with the utmost of care and respect. CCR Property Maintenance guarantees eye-catching results.

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Gardening services near me

Lawn mowing and gardening services near you in the Gold Coast

Finding a gardening service you can rely on is important. CCR Property Maintenance is just a few gardens away.  Working out together how often you need our gardening services is one of the first steps to a happier healthier garden all year round.  Catering to your gardening needs we will work out your own personal gardening plan and get to work straight away.

How to choose the right gardening service

Struggling to figure out what needs to be done in your garden?

Sometimes you might just not know where to start when it comes to your garden and need some guidance as to what needs to be done. At CCR Property Maintenance we can asses your garden and work out what work needs to be done and how often. Knowing the size of the land can help us give the appropriate quote for pricing. Going to extra measures CCR Property Maintenance will always leave you happy and 100% satisfied with gardening Service.

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Why Choose CCR Property Maintenance?

Searching for the most professional, Reliable and efficient gardening service in gold coast. CCR Property Maintenance is the right company for you. Providing years of experience with all kinds of gardening needs we feel that our services are by far the best in the gold coast and will always go that extra mile for each customer. We have highly trained professionals working for us here at CCR Property Maintenance, and only ever do our best. We will always leave you feeling 100% satisfied with our work guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Click here to get in touch with one of our friendly workers.

In conclusion

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read through this page and I hope you will find it useful. Below are some summarised points for you to take away.

  • Most gardens can be stressful and time-consuming to many people, getting a professional to take care of that will provide you with more spare time and no more lawn mowing on uour weekends.
  •  CCR Property Maintenance takes care of a lot of different gardening services catered to your own personal gardening needs, from the size of the job to how frequent the jobs need doing.
  •  Choosing a reliable, professional gardening service is key to a great beautiful stress-free garden.
  •  Why CCR Property Maintenance is the best gardening service out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of gardening?

Keeping a healthy garden will help keep pests away. Also keeping a good looking garden is a lot nicer on the eye.

What is the purpose of gardening?

It is good to work out how you would like your garden to be, how you would like it to be designed and how much upkeep it needs. Working out the purpose or purposes of your garden will help you work out what needs to be done.

Is gardening an art form?

Gardening is considered an art form when alining plants in their surroundings also the way the lawn is mowed , trees are cut and hedges are shaped can all be considered art.

How often does a lawn need to be mowed?

Weekly is normally advised whereas some lawns need to be mowed more often. It also depends on the season.

Professional Services you can rely on

No matter what your requirements are, our friendly and professional teams are fully equipped to tackle all property maintenance services. All of our staff are professionally trained and have a current police clearance, we use our own materials and equipment, and we are fully insured. Customer service is at the heart of our business. Our polite and courteous cleaners will have the utmost respect for your property and endeavour to work around you and your lifestyle.

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