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At CCR Property Maintenance we are proud to say that our top quality pest control service ensures every customer is left feeling 100% satisfied. This is achieved by making sure that each one of our visits, from a big commercial building to a small apartment is both professional and reliable.

With our advanced pest control treatments you don’t need to worry about a thing. Whatever the type of pest control issue you may be experiencing we’ve got your back. Having been around for many years we know all the correct strategies and what is required in order to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

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What is pest control?

A Pest control service provides not only closure but reduces the risk of any disease or illness that could possibly be spread across an infested property. Where any kind of wildlife, rodent or insect is invading someone’s home or business and can cause damage or infection, these are considered “pests”. A pest control service removes any pest activity leaving the property clean and disease free.

What are the main types of Pest Control? (By application)

Pest control techniques can be subdivided based on their application and industry type. The main categories are residential, commercial and industrial. Below we explain in more detail what each one of them comprises.

Residential Pest Control

Pest Control in Your Home

Struggling with pests such as cockroaches or ants in your home? We have the right solution for you!

CCR Property Maintenance provides immaculate services keeping your home ridden from pests. We understand how disruptive many pests can be to your household and lifestyle. Our range of pest control solutions can resolve these issues in an efficient and timely manner, leaving you 100% satisfied with the outcome.  Click here to discuss any issues you are currently experiencing with pests in your home.

End of Lease pest Control service

Using a pest control service at the end of your tenants lease is essential for the property’s good health and hygiene. The condition of any property deteriorates over time, increasing the risk of pests. Speak to one of our friendly team members today to discuss our range of professional end of lease pest control services Gold Coast.

Commercial pest control

What is commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control is a service catered mainly to Businesses owners. Some examples of commercial businesses are offices, restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and schools.

Our priority is to make sure that any pest control service delivered is efficient in solving your pest issue. This is so we can minimise the disruption to your valued business. You can rest sure that CCR Property Maintenance will look after your premises with the upmost care. We rate our own success in providing top quality service by making sure you walk away 100% satisfied.

There are many types of commercial venues that require pest control, some examples are:

Healthcare Facilities

Big hospitals, Nursing homes etc. Their number one priority is to keep all patients and staff healthy. The last thing they need is pests taking over and contaminating their facilities. You are probably aware of the extreme importance of hygiene in this kind of environment, being able to find an outstanding, affordable pest control service is key. By the nature of healthcare facilities they are most likely to be busy which makes it difficult to prevent any pests from making their way in. At CCR Property Maintenance we understand the importance and special needs of a healthcare environment. Our pest control service will prevent any secondary infections creating much cleaner and safer facilities for their staff and patients.

Offices & Corporate Spaces

We know that nobody wants pests living under their desk. Not to mention the possible chance of damage to the building, stock, computer equipment, cables and many more vital components. We can minimise the chance of any germs or disease caused by pests. Pests can have a negative impact on your staff’s health.  But not to worry, CCR Property Maintenance have highly trained professionals who can take care of all your pest concerns at a reasonable and affordable price. Remember a pest free and clean work environment can help promote a happy workplace.

Schools & Other Educational Institutions

Educational institutions have a responsibility to provide a clean, safe and enjoyable environment. That is why at CCR Property Maintenance we understand that your students and staff come first. Moreover, our pest control services can help you achieve just that. It is very easy for pests to thrive and nest in areas which are busy such as school grounds. In such a dynamic environment you need true pest control experts to get the job done. Get in touch today to speak to one of our team members for more specific information on pest control for educational premises and what is involved.

Food Retail stores

We understand that food retailers have a zero tolerance for pests. Furthermore, pest activity can seriously harm your reputation as a business not to mention the health risks to consumers. That is why, whatever the size of your business, big or small, we have a solution for you. Our team’s aim is to provide reassurance and protection from all pests.

Restaurants, Pubs And Bars

We understand how important it is to protect your storage and environment from pests. With a massive increase of reviews being placed on the internet such as google and social media it is of high importance that each customer is satisfied with the hygiene of the environment and the food.  Our Pest control service certainly helps keep your businesses reputation a clean and healthy one! Contact us for more information!

Industrial pest Control

What is industrial pest control

Industrial pest control is a service generally aimed at bigger industrial settings, such as factories.  Factories and warehouses as we know can be quite large in size and require specialised equipment.

It is for that reason that at CCR Property Maintenance we have coupled the latest technological advances in industrial pest control equipment with the best professionals in the industry. Have our team of specialists take care of your next pest control job and never be let down again.

Some examples of industrial sites are:

Food Processing factories

There is also a Zero tolerance policy for pests in this industry. Hence why at CCR Property Maintenance we also value the importance of keeping both your products and your brand’s name clean. We have all heard at some point headlines in the news about food poisoning and animal diseases. Even making it onto the shelves of supermarkets. Our Pest Control service is here to prevent just that!

Warehouse Spaces & other Factories

Keeping a big space such as a warehouse or factory pest free is of high importance. Maintaining a clean environment can also be a challenge in such a large facilities. Our pest control services are equipped and ready to work hard to keep these large businesses functioning at a high level of hygiene. We achieve this by making sure all stock and equipment, especially those leaving the premises. At CCR Property Maintenance we make it our mission to keep your facilities clean and pest free.

What are the most common types of pest control in the Gold Coast region?

Gold Coasts unique climate and landscape is the home to a rich ecosystem and a variety of wildlife. As much as we are grateful to be surrounded by such a wide range of species, some of them can cause trouble if left unchecked. CCR Property Maintenance is here to help. We understand that some animals can have a negative effect on your quality of living. As local providers of specialised pest control services we are also familiar with Gold Coast’s protected species guidelines.


Mice And Rodents


Bed Bugs


Lice And Fleas




Mosquitoes And Moths



Pest control for Cockroaches

Cockroaches can become attached to buildings which are warm, store moisture and possible traces of food. Cockroaches are not the prettiest of bugs, not to mention the diseases they carry and pass around your home. The presence of egg casings and a distinctive smell are both signs of a cockroach pest problem. Storing food away in containers and disposing of food left overs adequately can help prevent cockroach related infestations. We also recommend emptying your bins daily. Furthermore, keeping your house clean and tidy at all times will also help.  If despite of your cleaning efforts and preventative measures, you are experiencing cockroach related problems, our team of pest control experts can help. With the latest equipment and pest control techniques CCR Property Maintenance guarantees to exceed your expectations. We resolve all your pest control issues in a professional and efficient manner, leaving you feeling relived and reassured.

Pest Control for Termites

Termites can seriously damage buildings and are a very common type of pest in our Gold Coast homes. Termites can get into your home by traveling underground, even through cracks in concrete slabs. We understand the importance of addressing termite problems in a timely manner in order to minimise structural damage to your property and related repair costs. So how do we save the day? Our termite response team has been professionally trained, is equipped with the latest equipment and can attend to your site at a moment’s notice. All for an affordable price.

Pest Control for possums and other types of wildlife

We are lucky to experience all kinds of wildlife species in the Gold Coast, unfortunately in some circumstances they can conflict with people. In these times we have to remain aware of the many non-target species among us in Australia. Treatment for wildlife is undertaken after a thorough site inspection and survey by highly experienced staff. CCR Property Maintenance care about your safety and offer help, tips and advice on any issues you may be having.

Other common pests in the Gold Coast

Other common pests include:

Rats, Mice and Rodents, Ants, Bed Bugs, Beetles, Birds, Lice and Fleas, Maggots, Silverfish, Spiders, Ticks, Beas, Mosquitoes, Moths and Pantry Moths and Wasps.

What makes the “best pest control service” the best?

An Excellent Pest control service need to be 100% professional, prompt, efficient and affordable.  A pest control service needs to care for the client’s needs. Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial setting we understand the importance of each operation. Being reliable and guaranteeing results, that’s what pest control is all about. And this is exactly what CCR Property Maintenance stands for. Weather it is termites, cockroaches, mice, rodents or any other creatures causing health risks or damage, we are best equipped to deliver on outstanding results.

Pest control service near me

Finding the right pest control service near you is extremely important, CCR Property maintenance is just a call away. During emergencies we are able to respond at a moment’s notice. Reliability is the most important asset when it comes to pest control services. That is why at CCR Property Maintenance we are passionate about assisting individuals and businesses in a timely and efficient manner. We are here to help when in need, always with a personal touch and a big smile.

How to choose the right Pest Control Service?

Coming to a decision about pest control is quite simple. Firstly looking for the signs and issues really helps when getting in touch with pest control. This is so they can fix the issue as soon as possible. Making sure you pick the correct efficient and professional pest control service is key. You want that 100% guarantee that your pest issue will be resolved. CCR Property Maintenance provide all that is needed for a fast, efficient, professional and reliable service. Going to extra measures CCR Property Maintenance will always leave you happy and 100% satisfied with the pest control service.

Why Choose CCR Property Maintenance

Looking for the most professional, Reliable and efficient pest control service in gold coast. CCR Property Maintenance is the way to go. We have been providing residential and commercial property maintenance services throughout Queensland for over 10 years. With our highly trained workforce we leave you feeling 100% satisfied with our services and guarantee to exceed your expectations.  Not to mention our excellent rates, affordable and outstanding service.  Click here to get in touch.

In Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read through this page and we hope you find it useful. Below we have summarised some key points for you to take away:

  • Pest control are measures taken towards minimising the risk of diseases and other forms of contamination spreading across a property as the result of a pest related infestation.
  • The most common types of pest control are residential, commercial and industrial
  • Maintaining  good cleaning practices and hygiene can minimise the risk of pests
  • Choosing the right pest control service is pivotal in ensuring no further damage is done to your property and pests are dealt with in an efficient manner.
  • Why CCR Property Maintenance is the most efficient reliable pest control service out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you do pest control?

In cases of mild/normal infestations every 2 months is recommended. In more serious cases of infestation every month is recommended. If you see signs of infestation you should get in touch immediately.

Are cockroaches a landlord’s responsibility?

Cockroaches are dirty and can carry diseases. Get in touch with our pest control department right away if you see any signs of infestation (read above for more information on cockroaches). By law your landlord is required to provide a safe environment for you.  State laws however do vary on whether the landlord is responsible to get rid of the pests.

Does new home need pest control?

Yes, new homes also need pest control.  Many people assume that by purchasing a brand new home they won’t need pest control services, in fact they are wrong. Your home may be new but it is still in risk of pests.

How long do you have to stay out of your house after pest control?

This really depends on the types of pests being addressed, the level of infestation, the equipment and techniques being employed and ultimately the unique conditions of the premises at hand. For most residential settings we recommend staying out of the house for at least 2 to 4 hours. You are also advised to allow your home to vent for an additional 1 to 2 hours once back inside.

What is a Pest control hitman?

This term is often used to refer to pest control services operators. Generally speaking a Pest Control Hitman is an “all-rounder” mainly working in residential settings where 1 to 2 workers are sufficient to get the job done. Larger pest control operations requiring the use of more sophisticated equipment and techniques employ staff with more specialised expertise.

What do exterminators do?

Exterminators is also a common word for “Pest control workers”. Using their knowledge and pest management techniques they can identify and remove the pests.

Professional Services you can rely on

No matter what your requirements are, our friendly and professional teams are fully equipped to tackle all property maintenance services. All of our staff are professionally trained and have a current police clearance, we use our own materials and equipment, and we are fully insured. Customer service is at the heart of our business. Our polite and courteous cleaners will have the utmost respect for your property and endeavour to work around you and your lifestyle.

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